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A good year and a good soup!

My dear, poor, non French people,

Comment ça va?

I’m so happy to write to you again after these terrible Christmas holidays.

Oh, don’t misunderstand me, I have loved going back to France to see my family and friends. But excusez-moi, there’s too much good food there! After days and hours of family banquets, foie-gras get-togethers, chocolate éclairs snacks and other “you definitely should take the vol-au-vent AND the tête-de-veau: after all you never get it there”, I am so glad to be back THERE, in California!

Finies les tentations!


That’s when I get to tell you about the most important Holiday tradition in France.

It’s not bûche de Noël, it’s not marrons glacés nor chapon rôti… (Although all these great dishes are compulsory in any Christmas dinner or NYE Reveillon).

It is crise de foie.

Crise de foie, or litterary “liver crisis” is another part of the French paradox. No other country or culture IN THE WORLD suffers from this sickness which only appears once in the year.Tv news and newspapers make their headlines with it every premier de l’an, the first day of the year… And you can be sure that it’s the first thing your butcher or your pharmacist would want to know when you come back from the holidays: “Vous l’avez eue?

So what is it about crise de foie?

It’s not a stomachache, it’s not a hangover, it’s both and it’s none… Thousands of doctors have tried to convince the French people that it actually doesn’t really exist…It’s just that we ate and drunk too much during the holiday season. But you know how we are. We French people like to stand for what we believe.

So we may have a little crise de foi (faith crisis, disbelief) from time to time, but will always believe in crise de foie.

(how strange my mother tongue is… Foie is liver and foi is faith…)

Anyhow, I just wanted to give you my little tip to get better after too much stomach pleasure…

It’s not “detox” or raw or anything, it’s just good and soothing.

La soupe au chou-fleur



1 cauliflower
1 cup of chicken broth
1 cup of water
1 star anise pod
1 tbsp Tumeric and or Curry


  • Wash the cauliflower, cut the green parts
  • Put in in a pan with the chicken broth and the water
  • Add the star anise pod.
  • Put to a boil, and then let it gently cook (on medium) for at least 20 minutes
  • When the vegetable seems soft (and cooked) enough, mix it
  • Add the turmeric and/or curry.

Et voilà!

A soup very light in calories but full of récomfort, just for you and your crise de foie les amis!

Bonne année! et Bon appétit!

PS: it’s not Cauliflower soup, but you should know that Cabbage soup is a huge pop-culture thing in France… A hit movie from the 70’s pretended that the smell of it was able to attract aliens and their UFO’s…
La soupe aux choux, with Louis de Funes and Jacques Villeret

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