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My name is Cecile, and I’m French and perfect.



Please don’t be mad at me, it’s not my fault! You and the entire world know that French women are just the best. That’s how we’re born. Parfaites!    We don’t get fat, we never sleep alone AND our kids eat their veggiesOh la la!

As a TV reporter assigned in LA for four years now, I keep noticing how people are impressed (and upset!) by us, the French. Which is very strange, because in France, people are all impressed (and upset!) by the American way of life…
Anyhow, I decided to help you poor non-French people, to understand a little bit more about my (perfect!) culture. And mostly, to help you cook like us.


Cause, sorry to brag again guys, but French food is of course the best. Even the UN says so: French gastronomy is now part of UNESCO’s world’s intangible heritage list.  Eh oui.


a544078822_533374_5931And you know what ? It’s actually so easy. Super facile! Vraiment! Don’t trust all those topchefy cookbooks which try to make you think that French cuisine is sophisticated and difficult. It can be if you want to. But it can also be just a piece of (French and perfect) cake!


My mother, grand-mothers, and many French and perfect women before them, were all hard working: they loved great food, but they just couldn’t afford to waste time in the kitchen…


Try to feed a dozen person on your farm when you wake up at dawn to milk the cows and spend your late evenings churning the butter! So they developped quick and easy and flavorful recipes that could satisfy everybody.


That’s what “French and parfait” is about: trying to pass these incredibly good recipes on to you, poor non-French people… And change the world!


You too can be French and perfect like me!

Just stop thinking you have to be perfect, and enjoy good food!



 PS: Very proud to tell you that my first cookbook will soon be published! The Everything Easy French Cookbook can already be preordered at a lower price. 300 recipes, easy and of course délicieuses!