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What soup Doc? Stinging nettle!

My poor non-French people, Sometimes I  wish I was a witch. I often think of these poor ladies, in the middle ages, who were just trying to be a little different, a little freer, and would occasionnally put in  they caldron an herb or two they would have found while walking in the forest. Do you sometimes think of how we got to know what was good to eat or not? Who tried chanterelle first? Is it the same person who took ...

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My poor non-French people, Please stop all your juicing right now. As the French say, you can't live only of love and fresh water, and I'm sure deep down you know that nobody can really live only on fresh juice either. Of course it's great to believe that there's an easy solution to everything, and that engulfing gallons of sweet liquid will allow you to stay slim, fit, and never get old. But as much as there's no prince charming (except my dear French ...

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Pack a Paques Lunch for Easter! PATE DE PAQUES

My poor non-French people, Let me confess a little thing, just between you and me, entre nous. I'm not French and perfect. Ok, I'm French, and most of the time, as most of us do, I just wish I was perfect. But I'm trying! And you know, as I've learned here in the US, "Fake it until you make it", so let's pretend I actually have absolutely no defect, a rocking body and a wonderful, easy nature. Ho, and also, that my photos ...

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Be French and perfect: drink APERITIF!

 My poor non-French people, If you don’t speak French and are planning to travel to la Belle France, there are a few sentences you need to master in order to really get into the French spirit. Of course I’m sure you know all about « Je t’aime » or « Deux croissants s’il vous plait », and even some more olé olé sentences like the chorus of this famous disco song some American tourists never fail to sing when they meet a French native – excuse ...

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Pâte brisée vidéo!

My poor non-French people!  I am very happy to share with you this new video recipe for an easy pie dough  in (almost) one minute. Please don't buy pre made disgusting pie dough when you can make your own in a matter of seconds! This recipe is great for pies, quiche, and all you can think to put in a pie pan! You need 2 cups of flour 1 stick of butter (room temperature) 1 egg 1/8 cup of water a pinch of salt. Mix it and crumble it with ...

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Oh Mon Porc!!! Why Rillettes are the Best

My dear, poor, non-French people, If there's anything you have to learn from me and about French food, it's this beautiful French saying: "Tout est bon dans le cochon". Yes, everything is good in the pig (and I'm talking about the animal, right, not these filthy disgusting persons who are often sadly compared to this beautiful and generous animal)... Most recipes coming from parts of this animal are simply delicious, and as the saying says, every part of the pork is good to ...

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French and perfect Contest!!!!

My poor non French people, As you might know now, my incroyable  cookbook, The Everything Easy French Cookbook has just been published. I'm of course delighted and très très proud, but you know how it is: when you like to cook; you like to share... So if I'm happy, I have to make sure you can share my joy too... That's why I decided to give away some signed copies of The Everything Easy French Cookbook.... Want to win a chance to cook French and perfect meals ...

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Gluten Free, No Fat and 100% French: vive le macaron!

My poor non-French people, Valentine's day is around the corner and I am sad again. Not that I have no Valentine to dream about (merci ça va, j'ai tout ce qui me faut, I have all I need thank you!), but by the amount of marketing campaigns or other bad chocolate candies it produces all around me in America. L'amour n'est pas à vendre, messieurs! Love canot be sold, and even less so with bad quality candies! I've never liked la Saint Valentin, (why celebrate ...

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Gorge on Gougères! C’est l’apéro!

 My poor non French people, Forget about happy hour ! (does it mean that the 23 other hours you'll spend today have to be sad?)! Be French and perfect, and jump right into one of the best moment of a meal in France: l'apéritif. The French love this time right before lunch or dinner so much that "l'apéro" is sometimes more like a meal in itself: you eat so much "hors d'oeuvres" that you're not hungry enough to pursue with the meal! It's a great ...

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Log on to a French Christmas! Make a Bûche de Noël!

My poor non French people, What does your Christmas look like? Are you cooking like crazy, or shopping like a mad person, or both? Relax! Have a Cognac! I have Noël all figured out for you. Presents? Just buy my book, the Everything Easy French Cookbook for everybody in the family! It has just been made available on amazon, and can be shipped right on time... Cooking? Just prepare an easy and very traditional French Christmas Dessert : bûche de Noël! Bûche de Noël This cake really means ...