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Got milk? Roast a pig!

My poor non-French people, Here's another thing I really want to share with you: French food is not expensive. It can be, of course, with the freshest, rarest ingredients and crazy subtilities that our best chefs can add... But it can also be simple, cheap and wonderful. Rôti de porc is one of these French and perfect and not expensive dishes. Pork is always pretty cheap, and as the French saying goes "tout est bon dans le cochon": everything is good in a ...

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Convert to 180°C!

My poor, non French people, Here is a little promotion for 180°C, a French and perfect cooking magazine that has just been published. It's actually much more than a magazine: 188 pages, almost a book, with lots of recipes, stories, interviews, all about good food and good times. (and no ads inside, which means they are really free to write about everything...) I can't wait to try their "pasteis de nata"  recipe, my favorite portuguese dessert! Also, my humble French and perfect self writes here ...

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French and parfait theme song : les Cornichons

Vous aimez les Cornichons? This pickled French delight, is as important as Moutarde, salt and pepper on a French table Here they are, sung by French and perfect pop singer Nino Ferrer. J'adore!

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Let them eat (pineapple) cake!

My dear, poor, non-French people, As a good, French and perfect girl, I went back home for Christmas this year. I wanted to see my family and friends, eat some real good French food of course, but this time I also thought I was on a mission: I had to crack the French and perfect women code for you guys... What makes us so special? I'm still amazed at the number of books and movies on the subject. So I spent a few days ...

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My must-eat mustard : MOUTARDE!

My dear, poor, non-French people Please stop thinking that the yellow sauce that dares to call itself "French's" is by any mean coming from my beloved country. Oh que non! My grand-father Robert, who loved mustard so much that he used it for cataplasm during the war, would have said that "the mustard comes to his nose" just thinking of it (la moutarde lui monte au nez, meaning getting very mad). La vraie moutarde de Dijon is... from Dijon. And it has no sugar involved. ...

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A good year and a good soup!

My dear, poor, non French people, Comment ça va? I'm so happy to write to you again after these terrible Christmas holidays. Oh, don't misunderstand me, I have loved going back to France to see my family and friends. But excusez-moi, there's too much good food there! After days and hours of family banquets, foie-gras get-togethers, chocolate éclairs snacks and other "you definitely should take the vol-au-vent AND the tête-de-veau: after all you never get it there", I am so glad to be ...