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French and perfect restaurants in Paris : Ré-ser-vez !

My dear, poor, non-French people, I know some of you can feel a bit lost in Paris, so I decided to share with you  my favorite restaurants... The thing is, although I'm trying, I can't restrain myself, and the list is so long that I had to divide the post into different chapters. So here is the first one: the restaurants you should really book as soon as you've received your flight email confirmation... As you might know, you're not the only person dreaming ...

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Don’t be a cornichon ! Try pickle à la French!

My dear, poor non French people, Try to understand s'il vous plait! Big is beautiful, c'est vrai. But sometimes, tiny is more tasty... It seems to me that people in America are so obsessed with making it big, that they have applied it to everything, including the natural elements. I remember my first visit to the Farmer's market in the US : plums as big a baseball, when they are hardly the size of a ping-pong ball in France... Melons you could play Basketball with... ...

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From Paris with love : du Thé s’il vous plaît !

My poor, non-French people, Stop thinking that the English, that strange but very polite people who eat boiled vegetables and never behead kings or queens, are the only ones to know about tea. We French (and peeeeeerfect!) people also were able to colonize Asia (OK, it's not something to be proud of at all, c'est vrai) and bring back spices and tea. After all, we have Mariage Frères Tea! Et c'est très bon... Writing this post, I realize Mariage Frères tea was my first incursion ...

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Lafayette! Come back and save the mimolette!

My poor, non-French people, It's a tragedy, here in les Etats-Unis. The very serious Agence France Presse, the oldest news agency in the world, sent a wire about it. Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Ouest France, all very serious newspapers, wrote stories... Even TF1, the main French network (for which I used to be a reporter when I was in France) shares the big news on its website. The mimolette can't be bought in the US anymore. Yes, you read me well. La mimolette, la boule de Lille, ...

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Convert to 180°C!

My poor, non French people, Here is a little promotion for 180°C, a French and perfect cooking magazine that has just been published. It's actually much more than a magazine: 188 pages, almost a book, with lots of recipes, stories, interviews, all about good food and good times. (and no ads inside, which means they are really free to write about everything...) I can't wait to try their "pasteis de nata"  recipe, my favorite portuguese dessert! Also, my humble French and perfect self writes here ...

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French and perfect restaurants in Paris

My dear, poor, non-French people, I know some of you can feel a bit lost in Paris, so here are my favorite restaurants there... Of course, it's not a complete list, there are so many places I like to go! No rankings, they are all good and very different, try them and tell me. Just allow me one piece of advice : don't try to test them all (except if you're staying for weeks)... Paris is all about walking and discovering : don't turn into ...

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My must-eat mustard : MOUTARDE!

My dear, poor, non-French people Please stop thinking that the yellow sauce that dares to call itself "French's" is by any mean coming from my beloved country. Oh que non! My grand-father Robert, who loved mustard so much that he used it for cataplasm during the war, would have said that "the mustard comes to his nose" just thinking of it (la moutarde lui monte au nez, meaning getting very mad). La vraie moutarde de Dijon is... from Dijon. And it has no sugar involved. ...

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