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Cold soup for summer: Vichyssoise!

My poor non French people,

Here is is the best refreshing recipe for a hot summer : French and perfect VICHYSSOISE!

I cooked it recently when I went to NY for a book signing of The Everything Easy French cookbook at the Maille boutique. I took advantage of the trip to meet Adrienne, of XOXOcooks, who has a great youtube channel. So what do you cook when you’re a French and perfect girl in New York? Well, a French and perfect NY recipe of course!

Vichyssoise was the recipe to go to because it’s so refreshing in the summer, which can be useful in New York’s furnace… And also, it was actually invented in NY, by a French chef! Louis Diat was  the first Celebrity Chef (back in 1917)>

He too tried to help the American people to be French and perfect like me, and he gave them one of the best recipe you can think of… Merci Monsieur! You’ll discover it’s not only delicious, but also extremely easy and quick to make.

I had lost of fun trying to help Adrienne, aka XOXOccoks to be French and perfect like me. Check out the other video recipe we made on her channel; for Bortsch

Bon appétit les amis!


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  1. Philip Sinsheimer posted
    August 30, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    Histoire de mettre mon grain de ssel… I believe vichyssoise is traditionally made with leeks and potatoes. I wouldn’t use red onions in any case in order to avoid the brownish color they will yield. Philou

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