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Don’t be a cornichon ! Try pickle à la French!

My dear, poor non French people,

Try to understand s’il vous plait!
Big is beautiful, c’est vrai. But sometimes, tiny is more tasty…

It seems to me that people in America are so obsessed with making it big, that they have applied it to everything, including the natural elements.

I remember my first visit to the Farmer’s market in the US : plums as big a baseball, when they are hardly the size of a ping-pong ball in France… Melons you could play Basketball with… And I’m not even talking about gigantic pumpkins (no wonder you’re scared of them at Halloween’s!).

Et le pire, the worst is : they have less taste, if not none!

We French and perfect women have lived to learn that small can also be synonym of great pleasure…

Cornichon is the best example


Now, I love American pickle. They are very convenient : you can feed a family of four out of half of one, and I value that!.
Love Eastern-Europeans versions too, and can’t resist a Malossol, Russian pickle.

But Cornichon is different.

First, it’s like 20 times smaller.
The size of your sister’s little finger.

It’s tastier, more delicate, and a must on every French and perfect table.

My fellow countrymen love it so much that they decided to name the freshmen students of the best military school (Saint Cyr, our West Point) after it. Ok, and that’s also how we call a kid who’s acting a little bit stupidly…

Ne fais pas le cornichon! Stop the funny faces !

Oh, and there’s even a great song dedicated to the love of cornichons!

Just as moutarde or baguette, they are obligatoire on a French and perfect man’s plate.
Above all for charcuterie.
With paté of course. Or rillettes.
Or with cold meat : a great sunday supper is cold roast-beef or cold chicken with cornichons…

But I also love them in a sandwich.

Here’s a great franco-american sandwich I love to make for picnics.
And a great way to use left-overs of rôti de porc!

Franco-Americano Cornichon burger

cornichon sandwich

1 slice Rôti de porc
2 leaves Romaine lettuce
1 tomato
Moutarde (real French mustard!)
1 Hamburger bun

This is even faster to make than to eat it…

  • Toast the buns,
  • Spread some mustard  on it


  • Slice the tomatoes
  • Layer a salad leaf, a tomato slice, a slice of rôti
  • and add three or four cornichons on the top
  • Close the bun, and eat voraciously!

The cornichons add a French and perfect cunchiness to it.. They are more salty and vinegary than the other pickles, and have definitely a certain je ne sais quoi…


So what are you waiting for to try them?
Now you can find them very easily in the US, through the great French brand Maille.

Bon appétit les amis!

PS: Just read somewhere of the existence of deep-fried pickle. My dear non-French people, you never cease to surprise me!

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