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Don’t be a dinde! Cook a turkey leftover pie!

My poor non French people,

I might be a little turkey, une petite dinde (or as you might say, a silly goose), with a pois chiche (garbanzo) in the head, but I always feel sad after Thanksgiving.
First, because I’m always kind of disappointed by the party in itself: judging by all the movies and TV series I had seen back in France, I thought that compulsorily, there was a moment when people would get very angry and throw insults, family secrets and  stuffing  at each other (that, and the turkey being overburnt or the host being unable to get his or her head out of the bird, because of course, everybody knows that it’s something you should try from time to time).
But as many things “seen on tv”, I have never been lucky enough to witness any of these.

"On strike! I don't want to be the stuffing of the turkey!" Le dindon de la farce is someone who ends up being the laughing stock

“On strike! I don’t want to be the stuffing of the turkey!” Le dindon de la farce is someone who ends up being the laughing stock


But the thing that makes me really sad, is that it means that the Turkey mania is over, which means that I won’t hear about cooking and brining and mashed potatoing until at least 360 days.
I love the days before Thanksgiving, when Americans suddenly transform into French, talking about good food and how to make it, secret tips and new tendancies, going back in years to talk about that very specific time when you did the turkey this way and your aunt wanted the recipe so much but your mom told you she would disherit you if you did.

Why doing that only a few days in the year?
Do you actually stop cooking when there’s no turkey or pumpkin pie involved?
Are you calling the day after Thanksgiving Black because you’re in mourning of that great moment? Don’t!
Stop being American and Perfect, add a little frenchness to your rituals, and go on cooking all year long! You can start very easily, with the leftovers. And this delicious mushroom and turkey pie.

La quiche à la dinde et aux Champignons



1 pâte brisée

 ½ a cup mushrooms

1 cup of béchamel sauce

½ a cup grated cheese

 ½ a cup crème fraîche

1 cup of grilled turkey meat, shredded, salt, pepper and nutmeg

salt, pepper and nutmeg


I love cooking leftovers. That’s a great part of the joys of cooking, where you can let your imagination run free.
Trying not to waste while finding a way to rejoice your tastebuds has been a goal of any French home cook for generations, and created beautiful second life dishes, like hâchis parmentier for example. 

I started learning to cook by myself when I was a student. Money was tight and I spent hours scratching my head on the best way to have a good meal with what was left on the fridge. My mom had a special way of dealing with that kind of situation, which was making a quiche surprise. They were so special that my dear uncle Bernard, a great chef and a great story teller, has found in them an inspiration for endless jokes. “It’s very easy, just put everything left in the fridge in a pâte brisée, shake well and put in the oven!” The results were not only very hazardous, they were most of the time very French and imperfect…  (pardon Maman je t’aime!).


So I was very glad when I came up with this great recipe for poultry leftovers. I used it this week to give a nouvelle jeunesse to my Thanksgiving turkey, and oui oui oui the result was very appreciated…


  • Preheat the oven at 350F.
  • Pre cook the dough: rool out the pâte brisée, put it on a pie plate and make small holes all over with a fork. Put a parchment paper over it and pour macaroni shells or dry beans on it. Put the plate on the lower rack of your oven and cook for 20 minutes.
  • Take out all bones from the turkey and shred its meat
  • Slice the mushrooms thinly, then combine with the béchamel sauce, the grated cheese and the cream. Add the turkey, salt, pepper, and un poil  de  nutmeg,  and pour in the precooked dough.
  • Put the pie back in the oven, and cook for 20 minutes on the top rack of the oven.

You should eat it lukewarm, and in great company.

Bon appétit les amis!

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