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Don’t be Crude ! Eat your Crudités

My poor non French people,

It’s with deep sadness that I must announce you that once again, you American people have it all wrong about food.
Non, the Raw diet is not a Californian invention. It was discovered centuries ago by us, the Français.

Eh oui !
That’s what we call les Crudités.

A proper lunch in a French and perfect household could never happen unless Crudités are first served.

It’s usually based on fresh vegetables and amazing vinaigrette. 
The best example is the carottes râpées.


6 carrots
1 lemon
Salt, pepper, Olive oil.
C’est tout!

First, you have to know that French people are raised in the love of Carotts. 
Kids are always told two basic truths : 

  • Carrots make you aimable (they turn you into a nice and pleasant person)
  • AND Carrots help you have a pink derrière. Yes, that’s how we teach our French and perfect kids to eat their veggies : by telling them it will help them have a nice bottom. Take that, Jlo and Kim K.

So now you know the secret of French beauty and legendary politenesse, take you carrots and go for it.


  • Peel the Carrots

  • Grate them, one by one.
  • Add the juice of the lemon
  • Salt and Pepper
  • A dash of olive oil.
  • Fresh Parsley.

Et voilà !

I know, that’s almost too easy.
But you know what…

C’est si bon…

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