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Don’t hide your joy! Disguise your fruits!

My poor non-French people,

How did you like Christmas holidays when you were a kid? I’m not talking about the big 25th, presents, Santa, midnight mass and tralala, but about all the long days and hours before that…
My memories are full of excitement, excitement and excitement… And food too…
I can still see my grand mother prepping for her village-famous bûche de Noël, my mom ordering foie gras… And us kids (my brother, my cousins, and many other friends) excited excited excited all around.

Now how did these clever ladies find a way for these crazy hysterical kids that we were to calm down ? By having us share the duties, and cook too…

By making fruits déguisés for example!

Fruits déguisés de Noël


1/2 a pound dates
1/2 a pound prunes
5 ounces powdered sugar
5 ounces almond flour
1 egg white
1 teaspoon orangeblossom water or rhum

This is really a typical recipe of French and perfect families during Christmas holidays.
It’s a very easy recipe for kids, the kind that makes you fall in love with cooking…
In France it’s even easier to make considering the fact that you can buy ready made pâte d’amande almost everywhere. They are always very colourful, pink, green.. Quite surely full of strange chemicals you might not want to be associated with.
So let’s follow the very French méthode Coué, and pretend it’s all for the better!
(And anyhow, it’s still very easy)

  • Mix the almond flour with the sugar


  • Add the egg white
  • Add a tablespoon of Fleur d’oranger (orange blossom water, magical!) or if you can’t find any (I confess I always smuggle some bottles from France), add rhum or whichever sweet flavour you want to try.


  • Now roll the paste into a long roll
  • Wrap it and put it in the fridge.


  • Meanwhile, take the dates and open them in a long slice. Take the pit out.
  • Same thing for the prunes


Prunes, dates and almonds are very typical of Christmas, above all in the South of France, in Provence, where the tradition wants that you eat 13 desserts on Christmas, among witch almonds, walnuts and dehydrated fruits like dates.

When the pâte d’amande is cold enough, take a slice (half a teaspoon) and slide it in the fruit, in lieu of the stone.


Et voilà ! What a great sweet sandwich!
It’s great at tea time, or to give to your friends and family…

Bon appétit et Joyeux Noël les amis!


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