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Fish for compliment! Bake it in salt !

My poor non-French people,

I know time is hard right now for many of you. You’ve been reading the magazines, counting the months and weeks and seconds before “D Day”, and suffering a lot.
Aaaaaaaah, the world famous “countdown before bikini day“!
The crazy “this one is the last and it’s so easy it works all the time” diet! (just chew gum and spend the day making crunches while drinking herbal tea from the north pole!)
What a nice way to go on oppressing women in a nice, subtle, modern way!


Don’t misundertand me, we French and perfect women also suffer from this terrible spring -coming of summer angst.
I for one have spent months (not) eating chemical proteins to be sure I would keep the “perfect body” I thought I had.
Turns out at some point I remembered what I loved in life was to share a good meal with great people and great conversation and that THAT was actually making me “perfect” in the eyes of the people I loved.

Anyhow, of course that period of time is also a moment of readjustement to lighter meals.

But that’s no excuse for not eating great.

So that’s how I thought of sharing with you the French and perfect way to cook a fish.


Le poisson en croûte de sel


1 fish
Lots of salt (2 pounds Kosher salt)
(lemon, fresh herbs, if you have )

As usual, it’s easy easy easy, it’s good, and it will kind of impress your mother-in-law (always very important).

First time I cooked it, my boyfriend (who is also French and perfect, but a male “avant tout”, above all else… ie not always that smart)  tried to take the salt box out of my hand, yelling that I was going to kill us all with all that salt.

So Oui, he’s right, salt is dangerous and we should all take very good care of not using it too much.
But for this recipe, the salt is actually a good help for your diet: it actually allows you to cook the fish without using  oil; butter, or any kind of fat.


  • Take a whole fish (on this picture I used a “white fish”, but most white flesh skin like sea bass, are great.)
  • Have it sliced and prepared by the fishmonger.
  • Slice a lemon, cut some fresh herbs, and slide them in the fish, with pepper.


  • Pour salt oll over a baking dish.
  • Put the fish on it.
  • Then cover it with salt again, up to the point where you can’t see it any more.
  • ET C’EST TOUT! (That’s all!)…. Well almost! You know only have to put in the the oven for 30 minutes at 400 F


Wait 5 minutes before you “break the salt” : an even better way to start a dinner among friends than breaking the ice!

It’s fun, it’s joli (pretty), it’s diet and it’s good…
What a better way to pay attention to your body without getting into these stupid diets which always end “en queue de poisson” (in a fish tail: fizzle out)!

Bon appétit les amis!


PS: If you really decide to go on a “bikini diet”, this is the French and perfect song to listen…
By one of my favorite “girls band”, Les Parisiennes.

“Il va falloir se mettre au régime” (We have to go on a diet now), a little frenchy sixties delight!

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