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France in a Box! Discover the Bon Appétit Box

My poor non-French people,

Do you sometimes wish you could travel to France  and be in Paris just by snapping your fingers?
I know exactly how you feel, and I’ve got a great remedy for it.

Of course you can try and  make one of the many typical French recipes of this blog, but whenever you have a hair in the hand (un poil dans la main means feeling lazy) you always have the Bon appétit box!


Bon appetit box French  cuisine blog recommendation how to buy French food

I was very happy to meet Zoe and Bertrand , the French couple who created the Bon appetit box, a few months ago, and told them right away I loved their idea: a box where you could find all good things French, so French and perfect! They actually sell several boxes, for different time of the day : apéritif, goûter, or café gourmand. You can either by them solo, for you or as a gift, or get a subscription.

French food bon appetit box


I have tested the Provence apéritif box, and really liked it. As you all know now, I love apéritif, and this box is just perfect to feel like you’re having a drink in Provence, with cicadas singing all around you, and a good glass of refreshing Pastis in the hand. There’s tapenade, this typical olive spread from the south of France. There are also small toasts, cheese sticks, bruschetta, or Croquets de Provence, another typical provencal delicacy, with black olives.

Provencal bon appetit box french aperitif

What I really liked about it was that it was not only good but also great to look at… So French and perfect! The design of the box is very cute, and I loved trying to find all the little foodista treasures hidden in it. And for those of you who are not totally comfortable with French culture yet, there are plenty of very nice and interesting small cards explaining what is what, and the stories of the product.

They also have a box for lovers, with delicious French candies, and my husbands’ favorites  : nounours en chocolat! I for one can’t wait to test the “goûter” box. Palmiers, berlingotsTrop trop bon!

If you want to try the box or give it to someone you love (perfect mother days’ gits, non?), Zoe and Bertrand make a special deal for the readers of Frenchandparfait! Make sure you use the code FRENCHPARFAIT10, and you’ll get $10 off. How French and perfect is that!

Bon appétit les amis!


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