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French super star Jamel for the mimolette!

My poor, non-French people,

You might have read that I’ve been very busy lately trying to save my dear French mimolette. Well it’s my pleasure to tell you now that the French and perfect comedian Jamel Debbouze has joined our fight!

I interviewed him last week while on his tour in the US (this was for my “real” job, as a journalist for TV5monde), and he showed well how good in english we French and perfect people are…..


I was so glad to meet him and to see him join our fight.
See, you might know him only for his part in Amelie, but Jamel is quite a superstar back in France!

He is actually a great example of a French and perfect guy…

Jamel comes from a very poor part of France, the suburbs of Paris, and has conquered the hearts of all my fellow grumpy French people.

The fact is… He’s very funny!

I guess something like our French Eddy Murphy?

I know he would like the comparison because he told me to be a huge fan of Murphy and Richard Prior.

I really admire his energy and generosity, and his commitment to change the way people see the Colonisation and  the second or third generations of north African immigrants who settled in France since the 60’s. If you can, watch “Days of glory” or “Asterix and Obelix meet Cleopatra“, much funnier!

So, as he says so well, “Let the mimolette tranquil”! Leave the mimolette alone!

Help us save the orange cheese and join us the facebookpage I founded,!


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