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Got milk? Roast a pig!

My poor non-French people,

Here’s another thing I really want to share with you: French food is not expensive. It can be, of course, with the freshest, rarest ingredients and crazy subtilities that our best chefs can add… But it can also be simple, cheap and wonderful.

Rôti de porc is one of these French and perfect and not expensive dishes.

Pork is always pretty cheap, and as the French saying goes “tout est bon dans le cochon”: everything is good in a pig, you can eat all parts of this animal and “live of the beast” for quite a long time. Ah! Les oreilles de cochon! (Pig ears, delicious, will always remember their French and perfect taste at Euskadi Restaurant in Espelette) And of course les Pieds de cochon, pigs feet, like the famous parisian restaurant which is open all night long in Paris.

One of the best pork meat is Cochon de lait, which I understand is still a tradition in former French states like Louisiana, in Cajun cuisine. It’s a piglet fed on its mother’s milk.

cochon de lait

As I’m trying to give here recipes that can be cooked all over the world, with the most common ingredients you can find, I thought I would pay an hommage to cochon de lait by using pork roast and milk.

Milk is great with pork roast because it prevents the meat from getting too dry.


Rôti de porc au lait

IMG_3164 - Version 2

3 pounds of pork roast
4 cups milk
2 onions
1 garlic clove
Fresh sage

  • Preheat a castiron pot (Dutch oven… or better French and Perfect Le Creuset or Saub)
  • Brown the onions in olive oil or sunflower oil
  • Add the pork roast and brown it on each side, then the diced garlic


  • Add the milk, sage (or laurel and thyme), salt and pepper
  • Cover the pot, let simmer for at least an hour, an hour and a half.
  • Then take the pork roast out : it’s well cooked, but not dry!

You can enjoy it with mushrooms in parlsey, apples cooked in butter, or just a plain salade verte.

And, of course, moutarde!

Quick to do and great on your porte-monnaie (wallet)!
And, as all these slow-cooking recipes I adore, it gives you time to do something else while waiting.
Like reading a great Asterix story for example!
I hope you know this great comic book which is so so Frenchie. The adventures of Asterix, a Gallic and perfect hero, long long ago, when France was Gaul and Italians where Romans…


Obelix is left, Asterix right, and the boars will very soon been roasted…


My favorite is Asterix and the Banquet of course, where Asterix and his best friend Obelix, who loves food and getting drunk with goat’s milk, have to do a “Tour of Gaul”, like the infamous Tour de France, to  collect specilalities all over the country and show a lesson to these “crazy Romans”.


It’s hard for me to sum up Asterix, as it’s really part of French culture now. But basically it shows well what I like about being French: we’re a small Nation who always tries to do it its own way, and doesn’t take itself very seriously (oui oui!). And we love a good meal!

Every Asterix adventure ends up with the same picture of a huge banquet, where the whole village sits together at the table to eat a huge meal, consisting mainly of roasted boars.
How I loved that idea when I was a kid!
Far better than “and they got married and had many kids”!


Bon appétit les amis!


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  1. John Duff posted
    April 9, 2013 at 12:11 am

    Cecile, let me say you are the Falbala of French cooking! Oui, oui!

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