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Plum plum plum plum

My poor non French people,

Let me share with you today the perfect French dessert of this end of summer.
It’s simple, tasty and a little wonder to a melancholic heart.

La tarte aux prunes (de mamie Laurence)

tarte aux prunes

1 pate brisée
2 pounds of plums
2 tbsp Sugar
3 or 4 tbsp Semolina

This pie is something like a fountain of youth.
Each bite you have takes you back directly to your childhood and helps you forget about, you know…
Time (the one that always goes by, brings lines on your forehead and never make things better)

At least that’s how it works for me.
Mainly because I always have one for my birthday, as a souvenir of the tarte my grand-mère Laurence always baked for me on that day.


french grand mother


She would go to the end of the garden of the farm,
pick some reine-claudes,
and magically bake the best gâteau d’anniversaire.

C'est le prunier de mamie Laurence

C’est le prunier de mamie Laurence


My mamie’s recipes notebook was lost when she got old, which is one of my personal tiny disasters.
But fortunately my mom knew her little secret, and gave it to me : it’s the semolina, les amis !

semolina pie crust pate brisee semoule

  • Spray a small layer of semolina on the crust
  • Mix it with a little bit of sugar if you want.
  • Cut the plums in 4 and lay them one by one on the crust, skin facing the sky
  • Lay them around the edge of the pan first, and on to the center.

plums pie tart tarte

  • Spray with one or two spoons of sugar (vanilla sugar is even better)
  • Put it in a preheated 400°F oven for 35 minutes 
  • (15 minutes upper part of the oven, 15 minutes down)
plum pie tarte aux prunesThe juice of the plums will soak in the semolina, and you are going to feel young again.

Trust me.
Bon appétit !

PS :
I can’t help but think of this incredible classic French song “Les brunes comptent pas pour des prunes“. Litteraly, Brunettes are not counting like plums. It’s an hymn to non-blond women, something like “gentlemen prefers blondes but brunettes are just best”. 
I think my grand-mother would have dug that.


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