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Start the year like a Queen! Make a King’s cake!

Galette des Rois is the first cake of the year in France.

What’s best than sharing a cake with your friends and relatives to start the new year? During the whole month of January, French people meet and share a galette together. This King’s cake is named after the Three Wise Men who are said to have come to visit baby Jesus on the Twelth day after his birth.

They brought fancy presents, and the French traditionally celebrate this fact by bringing a cake with a hidden gift in it: a fève, generally a small ceramic figurine, that turns the one who find it into a king or a queen.

galette insta

You then have to choose a king or a queen (and, sometimes, find a good opportunity to kiss someone you love!) and are then obliged to bring your own Galette to the next gathering.

It’s very common to have Galette des Rois among friends, family, but also at work for example.

Galette des rois et couronne

And as I explain in my previous blog, there is only one occasion when there is no fève in the cake: when the President of the Republic shares it with his/hers employees at his residence of the Elysée, each year. A good way to remember that, well, French people do not want kings and queens to rule them anymore…

Oh, and by the way, it’s an awfully easy recipe to make!

So what are you waiting for! Be a King or Queen for the day! Make your own Galette des Rois!


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