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soupe vge bocuse

50 grams of black truffle, 20 grams of foie gras, and a recipe that is part of the History of French Gastronomy now, as one of the iconic dish of the Nouvelle Cuisine.

“La soupe VGE” is one of the most iconic soup of French gastronomy. It was created by French legend Paul Bocuse (50 years of Three Michelin stars and still counting!) for a lunch hosted by French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing (VGE) that made its way into gastronomy History. This Black truffle and foie gras soup under a pot pie, was the appetizer, along with another legendary dish of Nouvelle Cusine : Sorrel Salmon, Saumon à l’Oseille, created by the brothers Troisgros.

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