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Gateau au yaourt with a twist

I love Gâteau au yaourt, It's the easiest and most delicious cake, perfect to make at the last minute with what is left in the fridge or in the pantry -and at home, there's always eggs, flour, oil, sugar, and... yogurt somewhere. The first cake you learn to make when you're French - I can definitely see Madame Turpin teaching us at school. It's so easy ! You usually make it straight with a "pot de yaourt", a store bought yogurt that is ...

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Go yogurt! Bake a French and perfect cake!

My dear, poor, non-French people, Forget about all the "life is like a box of chocolate" thing. This is absolutely nonsense for a French girl. You always know what you're gonna get with a box of chocolate! Du plaisir!  Pleasure! And maybe a little extra pounds... but pleasure mostly! So let me tell you how life works... La vie, c'est aussi simple qu'un pot de yaourt. Oui oui! Life is very easy. It's like a tub of yogurt. Ok, I'm not sure you'll find this French saying anywhere outside of this ...