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How to have a French Easter

Do you want to be French and perfect and have a French and perfect Easter? Well, judging from my family, I guess you just need to start the day by eating 3 tons of chocolate bunny or chocolate bells or chocolate fish or chocolate hens. At home. the most difficult thing for me and my brother was trying to actually hide the chocolate after we had found it because my dad would try and eat them. There was a whole hide and seek ...

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Stop the gachis! Eat some hachis!

My dear, poor, non French people, I'm so sorry. Désolée, vraiment. But once again, I have to tell you that we French people are superior... You know me, I don't like to brag... It's not my fault if French people always know better! Take recycling for example. I find it funny to see all the media attention nowadays on waste and how to not put everything in the garbage bin. Rien de nouveau sous le soleil! (Nothing's new under the sun):  French cooks have been doing ...