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Gluten free and dairy free cake!

My poor non French people, Sorry I've been away for so long. I was very busy trying to understand how Snapchat works and if life has a meaning without instagram (turns out, not bad at all! You should check it out!) Anyway, I made this cake today and brought it to the office I share with two beautiful and wonderful and very Los Angeles ladies, who of course have special diets (because, oui, it's LA, mon ami!). Well, as French and perfect ...

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French onion soup, Soupe à l’oignon recipe

One of the most famous soups in French cuisine, this grated cheese and onion soup is supposed to be a great way to fight a bad hangover! Discover how it is a tradition for weddings in France and how it was invented by a French king in my new video! I had a lot of fun making the video with my friend Su. She is a great francophile and offered to make this soup together using the new terra cotto cookware she ...

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Start the year like a Queen! Make a King’s cake!

Galette des Rois is the first cake of the year in France. What's best than sharing a cake with your friends and relatives to start the new year? During the whole month of January, French people meet and share a galette together. This King's cake is named after the Three Wise Men who are said to have come to visit baby Jesus on the Twelth day after his birth. They brought fancy presents, and the French traditionally celebrate this fact by bringing ...

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When life gives you apple, drink cider!

My poor non French people There are days like this when everything fails and you just think you suck and everybody is perfect except you. Last time I had one of these beautiful days, I made this video... Last minute recipe and survivors guide: Apple flowers in 10 minutes   And remember: it's not worth trying to be perfect... perfection is so boring! Bon appétit les amis!