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A soup for Spring! Asperges au fromage de chèvre

My poor non French people, How is your souping going so far? I've spent the last days preparing soup every night and can't seem to get tired of it. The whole great idea about it is you can wait for the seaons to surprise you : new ingredients mean new flavours, new colours and... new recipes. Spring is great for many things, and one of its first main great perk is this little jewel that is called asparagus. Comes perfectly when you need it! ...

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Get pot luck ! Cook POT AU FEU !

My poor non French people, Rain is pouring outside (oui, even in LA! ), and I suddenly have a metaphysical question. How is it that you might come with such an idea as « comfort food » ? Why is this concept absolutely non existant in my dear home country ?Does it mean that you think that food is most of the time uncomfortable ? And why are all elements of that very strange category always always always so calorie-rich ? My poor non French people… It’s time ...

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A magic soup just for you

My poor non-French people, I guess you all know now that "French women don't get fat". Mireille Guiliano, who I was lucky to meet a few years ago and interview her for a profile of her I directed for French TV, has explained to the whole world the basics of the French and perfect silhouette: eat everything, not too much, enjoy it but pay attention, and when you've forgotten all the rules, try and detox with a good leeks soup. She's totally right, ...