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Kale and Camembert pie, a French and American story!

My poor non-French people, It is a hard job to be a French and perfect lady in America. Not only must you celebrate 4th of July but you also have to celebrate Bastille day 10 days later. Quoi? Having great food with friends and family while watching at fireworks and drinking rosé, again!!!! Here is a recipe I created just for both occasion, with a 100% American ingredient, Kale (Kale doesn't exist in France, it is just starting there) and a 100% French ingredient... Camembert ...

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Don’t be chicken! Cook some poulet basquaise!

My dear non French people, I hear from time to time that people outside of my wonderful country think that we French and perfect people are proud and arrogant.  Well, why wouldn't we ? Didn't we invent the Camembert and the chateau de Versailles ?  And anyhow, this is nothing compared to the wonderful strong and proud character of the Basque people. They live in the South West of France and the Northern part of Spain, and you might have heard that they have ...