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Don’t be a cornichon ! Try pickle à la French!

My dear, poor non French people, Try to understand s'il vous plait! Big is beautiful, c'est vrai. But sometimes, tiny is more tasty... It seems to me that people in America are so obsessed with making it big, that they have applied it to everything, including the natural elements. I remember my first visit to the Farmer's market in the US : plums as big a baseball, when they are hardly the size of a ping-pong ball in France... Melons you could play Basketball with... ...

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How green was my tomate…

My dear non French people,   Let me confess. Last week, at the supermarket, I fell in love. They were standing in front of me, big, confident, and generous… And, I must say, so sexy. Really, don’t you adore those amazing green tomatoes ?   What could I do with them ? As I went back to my car, of course I thought of Fried Green Tomatoes (specially the "parking lot Madness" scene, my favorite part of the movie) Mais quoi… I can't lower myself to cook an ...