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Voilà! New French Cookbook!

The French in me is trying very much not to be too excited... But there it is, I am so so so happy to share the big news with you! It's due in a few days! My new bébé! A brand new cookbook! It's beautiful, it's full of great recipes and, Voilà! Oui, Voilà! is the title and I guess it says it all! It's all about French cooking, and how it can be delicious AND easy. I am trying to share my love for ...

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When life gives you apple, drink cider!

My poor non French people There are days like this when everything fails and you just think you suck and everybody is perfect except you. Last time I had one of these beautiful days, I made this video... Last minute recipe and survivors guide: Apple flowers in 10 minutes   And remember: it's not worth trying to be perfect... perfection is so boring! Bon appétit les amis!  

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Corsican gratin: Zucchini and goat cheese

My poor non French people If there is a place in France where people are crazy proud and the landscapes are crazy beautiful, it's in crazy Cosica. One of the most beautiful place on earth and the birthplace of one of the craziest Frenchman ever, a short, brown-haired and short tempered guy called Napoleon Bonaparte. So here is a crazy easy  (and incredibly delicious) recipe in honor of this French and perfect island! This vegetarian dish is inspired by Corsican cuisine, where zucchini are often ...

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French and perfect ladies that lunch!

Bonjour my poor non French people! Very excited to share with you so share the first video of a new series: French and perfect lunch! Where I join friends and cook them lunch.. And make a video! Today's recipe is made at my friend's Alexia's in West Hollywood, with talented photograph Marie Nahon and Consuelo Chozas, from Vere Verto. Au menu: Carottes râpées, Côtelettes d'agneau au soja, Pommes de terre sarladaises, Spinach à la Dumas, and strawberry salad   Bon appétit les amis!  

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Cook Faisan like a real peasant!

 My dear, poor, non French people, Let me tell you: it's never funny to be the turkey of the stuffing. I guess that would be the litteral translation of "Etre le dindon de la farce", a popular French saying that means "being the laughing stock". Why do American people are so concerned about it ? The stuffing I mean. That what amazed me most last month as I was enjoying my first real Thanksgiving. Even a gourmet like me had never seen people fight over ...