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Corsican gratin: Zucchini and goat cheese

My poor non French people If there is a place in France where people are crazy proud and the landscapes are crazy beautiful, it's in crazy Cosica. One of the most beautiful place on earth and the birthplace of one of the craziest Frenchman ever, a short, brown-haired and short tempered guy called Napoleon Bonaparte. So here is a crazy easy  (and incredibly delicious) recipe in honor of this French and perfect island! This vegetarian dish is inspired by Corsican cuisine, where zucchini are often ...

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Chicken Tagine les amis !

My poor non-French people, It’s hard to admit for a French and perfect patriot like me, but I owe you to tell  the vérité, the entire vérité, and just the vérité… Ok... Sometimes the best French food is not French. Well… It’s French… In the way that millions of Français cook it on a regular basis and consider it part of their cultural heritage. But it wasn’t developed in the strict Hexagon formed by our borders. Like Tagine for exemple. Tagine de poulet 4 chicken breast or ...