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Perfect QUICHE, new VIDEO!

My poor non French people, Here is the best way to cook a French quiche lorraine! Hope you will like the new video! Quiche Lorraine is so easy to make you don't even need to be French to succeed! Just break some eggs, add a little crème de la crème, and pour yourself a glass of (French) wine... Here's how to make the most delicious quiche, in a record time. And some tips to be French and perfect like me!!!! The real recipe 3 eggs 1 pâte ...

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Quiche Quiche Quiche ! The best Lorraine you can bake

My dear, poor, non-French people, Please stop thinking that we Français are rude and arrogant. OK, we're sometimes a little unpleasant considering your standards, but then what would you have to tell your friends when you come back home? It's for your own good! More authentique!  And actually, I think people love our attitude: last year, more people visited France than there are residents in the country! Talk about the most visited country in the world, oui messieurs! Oui oui!  We are welcoming!  Take my friend Deborah ...

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Be a tart, cook a quiche !

My poor non French people, It's Sunday here in LA, sun is shining as always, and the Catholic-raised that stays in me is of course feeling guilty: I'm having such a perfect Dimanche, I need to do something for the non perfect like you... So here is my Bonne Action : Share the recipe of the Quiche aux Courgettes parfaites with you. Look at her. She's as blond and Sexy as a (young) Catherine Deneuve. A pate brisée 4 eggs 1 cup milk 1 cup Crema Mexicana or Creme ...