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Salt and sablés, sandy cookies à la Frenchie!

My dear non-French people, Forget about cookies. They are so American ! And actually, French people are better at making them... Oui oui, it's true ! That was basically the point of a very popular ad when I was a kid. This poor American girl was calling her parents to tell them the cookies she was eating in France were almost as good as her mom's... We loved the idea so much that we would always repeat the last sentence "Poor Kate, alone in France!"... Now ...

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Mousse au chocolat ! La Vidéo !

My dear, poor, non French people, Are you ready for love?Sweet, tender, amour toujours? I have something right for you... A love and happiness philter! Works all the time! Instantly! Here it is: Mousse au chocolat! Hope you enjoy this video, and the recipe of course! 6 eggs 7 ounces dark chocolate pinch of salt (and a little bit of coffee!) Melt the chocolate in bain marie Seperate the white from the yellows, Whip the egg whites firmly Add the yolks to the chocolate Cover slowly the eggwhite with the chocolate Put to in the fridge for ...

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Boeuf Bourguignon les amis!

My poor non-French people, It's my pleasure to share with you the new French and Parfait recipe... Boeuf Bourguignon! Hope you'll like it beaucoup beaucoup! Ingredients 1 onion 1 pound beef roast or oxtail or beef cheeks (or all) 4 oz lardons (sliced bacon) 2 carrots, 1 turnip, 2 parsnips AND A BOTTLE OF RED WINE ! What to do... Stir the onion and the lardons, and add the beef Make sure all the cubes brown on each side Then add the wine Salt, pepper, some Laurel… Put on sim for at least 3 hours…   Et ...