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Be sweet ! Make a savoury pumpkin pie !

My dear, poor, non-French people, The more I live in the US, the more I’m amazed by how different and at the same time similar our cultures and minds are. Take pumpkins for example. Simple, round, orange vegetables. You guys turn them into horror masks... While we (among which French and perfect author Charles Perrault) imagined they could turn into a wonderful carosse that could also turn a poor damzel in distress into a glamourous princess… But we have this thing (among lots of others) in ...

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Don’t be a cornichon ! Try pickle à la French!

My dear, poor non French people, Try to understand s'il vous plait! Big is beautiful, c'est vrai. But sometimes, tiny is more tasty... It seems to me that people in America are so obsessed with making it big, that they have applied it to everything, including the natural elements. I remember my first visit to the Farmer's market in the US : plums as big a baseball, when they are hardly the size of a ping-pong ball in France... Melons you could play Basketball with... ...

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Be fine in your finances! Make some Financiers!

My dear, poor, non-French people, No chichi between us : I won't put on airs, and tell you the truth just as it is... The sentence you will hear the most in any French conversation right now is not "qu'est ce qu'on mange" (what are we having for lunch) or "où est mon carré Hermes?" (where is my Hermes scarf)... Ok, it might be "qu'est ce qu'on mange", because yes, we French and perfect people are a little obsessed with food, and always will. But ...

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