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Gateau au yaourt with a twist

I love Gâteau au yaourt, It's the easiest and most delicious cake, perfect to make at the last minute with what is left in the fridge or in the pantry -and at home, there's always eggs, flour, oil, sugar, and... yogurt somewhere. The first cake you learn to make when you're French - I can definitely see Madame Turpin teaching us at school. It's so easy ! You usually make it straight with a "pot de yaourt", a store bought yogurt that is ...

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Hey Gal! Be a princess! Make a galette!

My poor non-French people, Forget about juicing for a sec... Why start the year punishing yourself, when you can be French and perfect and decide that each moment must be enjoyed to the last bite ? After the holidays, the first thing my fellow countrymen think is... "Where are we buying the galette next week?". King's cake is the first culinary event of the year. It's set on the first Sunday of January, which leaves you one week to sip bouillon de poule et ...

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Be fine in your finances! Make some Financiers!

My dear, poor, non-French people, No chichi between us : I won't put on airs, and tell you the truth just as it is... The sentence you will hear the most in any French conversation right now is not "qu'est ce qu'on mange" (what are we having for lunch) or "où est mon carré Hermes?" (where is my Hermes scarf)... Ok, it might be "qu'est ce qu'on mange", because yes, we French and perfect people are a little obsessed with food, and always will. But ...

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Let them eat (pineapple) cake!

My dear, poor, non-French people, As a good, French and perfect girl, I went back home for Christmas this year. I wanted to see my family and friends, eat some real good French food of course, but this time I also thought I was on a mission: I had to crack the French and perfect women code for you guys... What makes us so special? I'm still amazed at the number of books and movies on the subject. So I spent a few days ...