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Gluten free and dairy free cake!

My poor non French people, Sorry I've been away for so long. I was very busy trying to understand how Snapchat works and if life has a meaning without instagram (turns out, not bad at all! You should check it out!) Anyway, I made this cake today and brought it to the office I share with two beautiful and wonderful and very Los Angeles ladies, who of course have special diets (because, oui, it's LA, mon ami!). Well, as French and perfect ...

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Oui! Oui! Oui! My own French and perfect Cookbook!

My dear poor non-French people, You know, I think my derrière is surrounded by pasta. Bordé de nouilles! If you don't speak my very poetic and surrealist native tongue, here is what I mean by that: I'm the luckiest French and perfect girl I know... When I started this crazy adventure of French and parfait, two years ago, I did not even dare to dream about it, and pourtant, here it is... I just wrote a cookbook. My own cookbook! And it's not a small one... 300 recipes! Trois cent! ...

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Be as deep as a Frenchie! Try this French & perfect dip!

My poor non-French people, Je sais je sais je sais... I know. It's been way too long since I last wrote you. "Pas de nouvelle, bonne nouvelle" as my French and perfect friends would say ? No news, good news? Well actually, yes! I've had two big treats on my cooking lists these last months : 300 recipes to write for my first cookbook AND a little croissant in the oven! I sent the last page of the book one hour before going to ...

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Get pot luck ! Cook POT AU FEU !

My poor non French people, Rain is pouring outside (oui, even in LA! ), and I suddenly have a metaphysical question. How is it that you might come with such an idea as « comfort food » ? Why is this concept absolutely non existant in my dear home country ?Does it mean that you think that food is most of the time uncomfortable ? And why are all elements of that very strange category always always always so calorie-rich ? My poor non French people… It’s time ...