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Hey Gal! Be a princess! Make a galette!

My poor non-French people, Forget about juicing for a sec... Why start the year punishing yourself, when you can be French and perfect and decide that each moment must be enjoyed to the last bite ? After the holidays, the first thing my fellow countrymen think is... "Where are we buying the galette next week?". King's cake is the first culinary event of the year. It's set on the first Sunday of January, which leaves you one week to sip bouillon de poule et ...

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Don’t hide your joy! Disguise your fruits!

My poor non-French people, How did you like Christmas holidays when you were a kid? I'm not talking about the big 25th, presents, Santa, midnight mass and tralala, but about all the long days and hours before that... My memories are full of excitement, excitement and excitement... And food too... I can still see my grand mother prepping for her village-famous bûche de Noël, my mom ordering foie gras... And us kids (my brother, my cousins, and many other friends) excited excited excited ...

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Time for cocoa! Black truffles very very choco!

My dear, poor, non French people, Let me tell you right now. My name is Cécile, and I'm a chocolataholic. Always was, always will. It's a family illness that was transmitted by my poor father, who is still to this day obsessed with chocolat (and drinking hot cocoa every morning). When my brother and I were kids (and perfect!), he even had to hide his own tablettes de chocolats (chocolate bars) to make sure we would'nt eat them. (and when he moved out, 10 years ...

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Métro Bistrot Resto! Where to eat in Paris, 2e partie.

My dear, poor, non-French people, Here is another list for those of you who are lucky enough to go and visit Paris. Restaurants you can just decide to go at (almost) the last minute. They are actually my favorites : it's more about daily great food, places where you can escape the sometimes too grey Paris, and warm up life with friends, family, or just you and your glass of wine. Don't try to test them all (except if you're staying for weeks)... Paris is ...

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Potluck meal à la Frenchie ! The Poule au pot recipe

My  poor non-French people, You are so cabbage. Vous êtes trop choux. So cuuuute, if I may try to translate. It’s my fourth November here in LA, and I’m still amazed at how big Thanksgiving is for Americans, and how most of you suddenly get all stressed out and concerned about what you’re going to eat and cook. It’s the one time of the year when you turn into French ! So I’ll give thanks to that this year, and to this wonderful tradition ...

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Be sweet ! Make a savoury pumpkin pie !

My dear, poor, non-French people, The more I live in the US, the more I’m amazed by how different and at the same time similar our cultures and minds are. Take pumpkins for example. Simple, round, orange vegetables. You guys turn them into horror masks... While we (among which French and perfect author Charles Perrault) imagined they could turn into a wonderful carosse that could also turn a poor damzel in distress into a glamourous princess… But we have this thing (among lots of others) in ...

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Be fine in your finances! Make some Financiers!

My dear, poor, non-French people, No chichi between us : I won't put on airs, and tell you the truth just as it is... The sentence you will hear the most in any French conversation right now is not "qu'est ce qu'on mange" (what are we having for lunch) or "où est mon carré Hermes?" (where is my Hermes scarf)... Ok, it might be "qu'est ce qu'on mange", because yes, we French and perfect people are a little obsessed with food, and always will. But ...

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Mousse au chocolat ! La Vidéo !

My dear, poor, non French people, Are you ready for love?Sweet, tender, amour toujours? I have something right for you... A love and happiness philter! Works all the time! Instantly! Here it is: Mousse au chocolat! Hope you enjoy this video, and the recipe of course! 6 eggs 7 ounces dark chocolate pinch of salt (and a little bit of coffee!) Melt the chocolate in bain marie Seperate the white from the yellows, Whip the egg whites firmly Add the yolks to the chocolate Cover slowly the eggwhite with the chocolate Put to in the fridge for ...

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Pat yourself with some pâté! (how I cracked my grandmother’s secret)

My dear, poor, non-French people, Some secrets are the hardest to break. Family secrets above all. There are plenty in my family, many cadavres dans le placard (and other skeletons in the closet  that every French and perfect family has to have), but I must tell you the hardest for me to crack was this one. La recette du paté de mamie Georgine. My grand-mother is a great  cook. I've already written about her, and about my other grand-mother Laurence, whose bûche de Noël, pain ...

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Chef Ludo loves Mimolette!

French and perfect chef Ludo Lefebvre is a foodie celebrity now, and I love that! I'm glad to see a Frenchman representing goodfood with smile and energy, and the way he plays with the character of the French "arrogant" chef. And he shows that French food is not about stiff-necked pointy nose old guys telling you what to eat and how... So I was very happy to meet him for the first time at the Grand Fooding Crush Paris-LA. Loved how he spoke about ...

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