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Perfect QUICHE, new VIDEO!

My poor non French people, Here is the best way to cook a French quiche lorraine! Hope you will like the new video! Quiche Lorraine is so easy to make you don't even need to be French to succeed! Just break some eggs, add a little crème de la crème, and pour yourself a glass of (French) wine... Here's how to make the most delicious quiche, in a record time. And some tips to be French and perfect like me!!!! The real recipe 3 eggs 1 pâte ...

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Pâte brisée vidéo!

My poor non-French people!  I am very happy to share with you this new video recipe for an easy pie dough  in (almost) one minute. Please don't buy pre made disgusting pie dough when you can make your own in a matter of seconds! This recipe is great for pies, quiche, and all you can think to put in a pie pan! You need 2 cups of flour 1 stick of butter (room temperature) 1 egg 1/8 cup of water a pinch of salt. Mix it and crumble it with ...

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Mousse au chocolat ! La Vidéo !

My dear, poor, non French people, Are you ready for love?Sweet, tender, amour toujours? I have something right for you... A love and happiness philter! Works all the time! Instantly! Here it is: Mousse au chocolat! Hope you enjoy this video, and the recipe of course! 6 eggs 7 ounces dark chocolate pinch of salt (and a little bit of coffee!) Melt the chocolate in bain marie Seperate the white from the yellows, Whip the egg whites firmly Add the yolks to the chocolate Cover slowly the eggwhite with the chocolate Put to in the fridge for ...