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Be NICE to yourself! Make a NICOISE salad !

My poor non French people There it comes again. That dreadful moment. Spring is all around, flowers are budding, birds are chirping and you're...  scared. How are you going to make it? Why, why why,  did you have a second serving of hachis parmentier that one time at the Duponds? Can you really drop 50 pounds a day  by having just water (with sometimes a tablespoon of water in it and some sprinkled H2O on the top) for the next 45 days? Or should ...

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Potluck meal à la Frenchie ! The Poule au pot recipe

My  poor non-French people, You are so cabbage. Vous êtes trop choux. So cuuuute, if I may try to translate. It’s my fourth November here in LA, and I’m still amazed at how big Thanksgiving is for Americans, and how most of you suddenly get all stressed out and concerned about what you’re going to eat and cook. It’s the one time of the year when you turn into French ! So I’ll give thanks to that this year, and to this wonderful tradition ...