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Be French and perfect: drink APERITIF!

 My poor non-French people, If you don’t speak French and are planning to travel to la Belle France, there are a few sentences you need to master in order to really get into the French spirit. Of course I’m sure you know all about « Je t’aime » or « Deux croissants s’il vous plait », and even some more olé olé sentences like the chorus of this famous disco song some American tourists never fail to sing when they meet a French native – excuse ...

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Gorge on Gougères! C’est l’apéro!

 My poor non French people, Forget about happy hour ! (does it mean that the 23 other hours you'll spend today have to be sad?)! Be French and perfect, and jump right into one of the best moment of a meal in France: l'apéritif. The French love this time right before lunch or dinner so much that "l'apéro" is sometimes more like a meal in itself: you eat so much "hors d'oeuvres" that you're not hungry enough to pursue with the meal! It's a great ...