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Corsican gratin: Zucchini and goat cheese

My poor non French people If there is a place in France where people are crazy proud and the landscapes are crazy beautiful, it's in crazy Cosica. One of the most beautiful place on earth and the birthplace of one of the craziest Frenchman ever, a short, brown-haired and short tempered guy called Napoleon Bonaparte. So here is a crazy easy  (and incredibly delicious) recipe in honor of this French and perfect island! This vegetarian dish is inspired by Corsican cuisine, where zucchini are often ...

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Be Chic! Cook Grilled Chicon!

My dear, poor, non-French people, Let me tell you one thing. "La vie, c'est de la m...", as my grande amie Maha always says. Life is a bitch. You never get exactly what you wish for, and alway miss what you don't have. Take me for example. I live in California, where the weather is 600 times better now than the rainy foggy Paris in November.  And what do I dream of ? Cobb Salad on Malibu Beach ? Pas de chemin Joseph (I guess that's ...