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French onion soup, Soupe à l’oignon recipe

One of the most famous soups in French cuisine, this grated cheese and onion soup is supposed to be a great way to fight a bad hangover! Discover how it is a tradition for weddings in France and how it was invented by a French king in my new video! I had a lot of fun making the video with my friend Su. She is a great francophile and offered to make this soup together using the new terra cotto cookware she ...

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My poor non-French people, Please stop all your juicing right now. As the French say, you can't live only of love and fresh water, and I'm sure deep down you know that nobody can really live only on fresh juice either. Of course it's great to believe that there's an easy solution to everything, and that engulfing gallons of sweet liquid will allow you to stay slim, fit, and never get old. But as much as there's no prince charming (except my dear French ...

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Stop the gachis! Eat some hachis!

My dear, poor, non French people, I'm so sorry. Désolée, vraiment. But once again, I have to tell you that we French people are superior... You know me, I don't like to brag... It's not my fault if French people always know better! Take recycling for example. I find it funny to see all the media attention nowadays on waste and how to not put everything in the garbage bin. Rien de nouveau sous le soleil! (Nothing's new under the sun):  French cooks have been doing ...