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Perfect QUICHE, new VIDEO!

My poor non French people, Here is the best way to cook a French quiche lorraine! Hope you will like the new video! Quiche Lorraine is so easy to make you don't even need to be French to succeed! Just break some eggs, add a little crème de la crème, and pour yourself a glass of (French) wine... Here's how to make the most delicious quiche, in a record time. And some tips to be French and perfect like me!!!! The real recipe 3 eggs 1 pâte ...

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Fish for compliment! Bake it in salt !

My poor non-French people, I know time is hard right now for many of you. You've been reading the magazines, counting the months and weeks and seconds before "D Day", and suffering a lot. Aaaaaaaah, the world famous "countdown before bikini day"! The crazy "this one is the last and it's so easy it works all the time" diet! (just chew gum and spend the day making crunches while drinking herbal tea from the north pole!) What a nice way to go on oppressing ...