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A soup for Spring! Asperges au fromage de chèvre

My poor non French people, How is your souping going so far? I've spent the last days preparing soup every night and can't seem to get tired of it. The whole great idea about it is you can wait for the seaons to surprise you : new ingredients mean new flavours, new colours and... new recipes. Spring is great for many things, and one of its first main great perk is this little jewel that is called asparagus. Comes perfectly when you need it! ...

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Pack a Paques Lunch for Easter! PATE DE PAQUES

My poor non-French people, Let me confess a little thing, just between you and me, entre nous. I'm not French and perfect. Ok, I'm French, and most of the time, as most of us do, I just wish I was perfect. But I'm trying! And you know, as I've learned here in the US, "Fake it until you make it", so let's pretend I actually have absolutely no defect, a rocking body and a wonderful, easy nature. Ho, and also, that my photos ...

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Hey pal! Come and enjoy these palets!

My poor non French people, Le monde est petit. Really. It's a small world, and not only in that strange and non-French place called Disneyworld.  That's what I discovered a few days ago while scrolling on Instagram.  There it was, a picture of my favorite French petits gâteaux: Palets solognots (my whole childhood is in those two words). Except that the caption read "Shriini Keshmeshi", which, may I tell you, is no French at all. How could a traditional Iranian cookie look so much as my very ...