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How to have a French Easter

Do you want to be French and perfect and have a French and perfect Easter? Well, judging from my family, I guess you just need to start the day by eating 3 tons of chocolate bunny or chocolate bells or chocolate fish or chocolate hens. At home. the most difficult thing for me and my brother was trying to actually hide the chocolate after we had found it because my dad would try and eat them. There was a whole hide and seek ...

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Pack a Paques Lunch for Easter! PATE DE PAQUES

My poor non-French people, Let me confess a little thing, just between you and me, entre nous. I'm not French and perfect. Ok, I'm French, and most of the time, as most of us do, I just wish I was perfect. But I'm trying! And you know, as I've learned here in the US, "Fake it until you make it", so let's pretend I actually have absolutely no defect, a rocking body and a wonderful, easy nature. Ho, and also, that my photos ...

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Get pot luck ! Cook POT AU FEU !

My poor non French people, Rain is pouring outside (oui, even in LA! ), and I suddenly have a metaphysical question. How is it that you might come with such an idea as « comfort food » ? Why is this concept absolutely non existant in my dear home country ?Does it mean that you think that food is most of the time uncomfortable ? And why are all elements of that very strange category always always always so calorie-rich ? My poor non French people… It’s time ...

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Cook Faisan like a real peasant!

 My dear, poor, non French people, Let me tell you: it's never funny to be the turkey of the stuffing. I guess that would be the litteral translation of "Etre le dindon de la farce", a popular French saying that means "being the laughing stock". Why do American people are so concerned about it ? The stuffing I mean. That what amazed me most last month as I was enjoying my first real Thanksgiving. Even a gourmet like me had never seen people fight over ...