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Read it, bake it ! TEN Cookbooks I Love…

My dear, poor, non French people, Do you remember when it all started? That exact moment when you fell in the "cauldron of magic potion", as the French and perfect hero Obelix would say ? I fell in love with cooking with one book. "Desserts en bande dessinée" (Dessert recipes in comic books). My mom bought it one day and my boring wednesday afternoons (kids dind't go to school on Wedneday in France) and never-ending summer days were over. Whenever my brother and I didn't ...

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Métro Bistrot Resto! Where to eat in Paris, 2e partie.

My dear, poor, non-French people, Here is another list for those of you who are lucky enough to go and visit Paris. Restaurants you can just decide to go at (almost) the last minute. They are actually my favorites : it's more about daily great food, places where you can escape the sometimes too grey Paris, and warm up life with friends, family, or just you and your glass of wine. Don't try to test them all (except if you're staying for weeks)... Paris is ...

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French and perfect restaurants in Paris : Ré-ser-vez !

My dear, poor, non-French people, I know some of you can feel a bit lost in Paris, so I decided to share with you  my favorite restaurants... The thing is, although I'm trying, I can't restrain myself, and the list is so long that I had to divide the post into different chapters. So here is the first one: the restaurants you should really book as soon as you've received your flight email confirmation... As you might know, you're not the only person dreaming ...

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Jean-François Piège loves mimolette!

French and perfect Jean-François Piège is the young chef everybody talks about. When he opened his flagship restaurant, Thoumieux, in Paris two years ago, he won two Michelin stars right away... I was honored to meet him and interview him at Le Grand Fooding Crush Paris-LA, and he was kind enough to support the mimolette fight, AND give us an idea as to how to use it in a dish. Hope you'll like it! Merci!   (and remember... Save the mimolette!)  

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My must-eat mustard : MOUTARDE!

My dear, poor, non-French people Please stop thinking that the yellow sauce that dares to call itself "French's" is by any mean coming from my beloved country. Oh que non! My grand-father Robert, who loved mustard so much that he used it for cataplasm during the war, would have said that "the mustard comes to his nose" just thinking of it (la moutarde lui monte au nez, meaning getting very mad). La vraie moutarde de Dijon is... from Dijon. And it has no sugar involved. ...

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Un bonjour de Lyon: Salad for you my friends!

My dear, poor, non French people, Ever thought there could be magic in a salad? I mean not in that terrible all-washed no-cheese no-croutons no-life "Iceberg" you've been looking at every day at noon, now that you've decided you are going to lose the few pounds that separate you from being "the real you" (or may I say, the real boring you?).   I'm talking vraie salade. I myself used to hate it. As a kid we would only eat salad after the entree, with a ...