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Start the year like a Queen! Make a King’s cake!

Galette des Rois is the first cake of the year in France. What's best than sharing a cake with your friends and relatives to start the new year? During the whole month of January, French people meet and share a galette together. This King's cake is named after the Three Wise Men who are said to have come to visit baby Jesus on the Twelth day after his birth. They brought fancy presents, and the French traditionally celebrate this fact by bringing ...

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Be tongue and chic! Make Langues de chats!

My dear, poor, non French people, Those of you who know me "pour de vrai", for real, all know it for sure: I can never hold my tongue. Tenir sa langue was  one of the hardest task at school for me, even more than any athletic activities, although I was always the number one worst athlete wherever I went (yes, some teachers thought I was running backwards to break the school records of worst time at the traditional winter race). My ...

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Salt and sablés, sandy cookies à la Frenchie!

My dear non-French people, Forget about cookies. They are so American ! And actually, French people are better at making them... Oui oui, it's true ! That was basically the point of a very popular ad when I was a kid. This poor American girl was calling her parents to tell them the cookies she was eating in France were almost as good as her mom's... We loved the idea so much that we would always repeat the last sentence "Poor Kate, alone in France!"... Now ...

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From Paris with love : du Thé s’il vous plaît !

My poor, non-French people, Stop thinking that the English, that strange but very polite people who eat boiled vegetables and never behead kings or queens, are the only ones to know about tea. We French (and peeeeeerfect!) people also were able to colonize Asia (OK, it's not something to be proud of at all, c'est vrai) and bring back spices and tea. After all, we have Mariage Frères Tea! Et c'est très bon... Writing this post, I realize Mariage Frères tea was my first incursion ...