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My poor non-French people, Please stop all your juicing right now. As the French say, you can't live only of love and fresh water, and I'm sure deep down you know that nobody can really live only on fresh juice either. Of course it's great to believe that there's an easy solution to everything, and that engulfing gallons of sweet liquid will allow you to stay slim, fit, and never get old. But as much as there's no prince charming (except my dear French ...

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Salt and sablés, sandy cookies à la Frenchie!

My dear non-French people, Forget about cookies. They are so American ! And actually, French people are better at making them... Oui oui, it's true ! That was basically the point of a very popular ad when I was a kid. This poor American girl was calling her parents to tell them the cookies she was eating in France were almost as good as her mom's... We loved the idea so much that we would always repeat the last sentence "Poor Kate, alone in France!"... Now ...

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When life gives you lemon, make Citrons confits!

My poor non-French people, Please, stop thinking that time is never on your side... Yes, aging can make you better! At least when you're a lemon. C'est déjà ça! (At least that's something!) Let me share with you how to make one of the ingredient I use the most in my everyday cooking. Citrons confits are not a franco-french speciality in themselves, as they are mostly used in North African cuisine, but they're also part of many mediterranean recipes, and are great to ...

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Fish for compliment! Bake it in salt !

My poor non-French people, I know time is hard right now for many of you. You've been reading the magazines, counting the months and weeks and seconds before "D Day", and suffering a lot. Aaaaaaaah, the world famous "countdown before bikini day"! The crazy "this one is the last and it's so easy it works all the time" diet! (just chew gum and spend the day making crunches while drinking herbal tea from the north pole!) What a nice way to go on oppressing ...