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How to have a French Easter

Do you want to be French and perfect and have a French and perfect Easter? Well, judging from my family, I guess you just need to start the day by eating 3 tons of chocolate bunny or chocolate bells or chocolate fish or chocolate hens. At home. the most difficult thing for me and my brother was trying to actually hide the chocolate after we had found it because my dad would try and eat them. There was a whole hide and seek ...

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Be sweet ! Make a savoury pumpkin pie !

My dear, poor, non-French people, The more I live in the US, the more I’m amazed by how different and at the same time similar our cultures and minds are. Take pumpkins for example. Simple, round, orange vegetables. You guys turn them into horror masks... While we (among which French and perfect author Charles Perrault) imagined they could turn into a wonderful carosse that could also turn a poor damzel in distress into a glamourous princess… But we have this thing (among lots of others) in ...