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Bébé Baguette!

Introducing... French and perfect bébé! Since my baby was born 18 months ago I've had a lot of fun cooking for him and trying to develop his taste for good things. Thought I could share some recipes with you to try and make a French and perfect bébé at home! Here is the first recipe. Baby baguettes. So French and perfect! What do French baby eat when they are teething? Bébé baguettes of course! They are perfect to soothe gums when teeth are coming... ...

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Bite a gentleman! Bake a croque-monsieur !

My dear, poor, non-French people, When is the last time you bit a gentleman? I did it last week to tell you the truth, and always love it. Oui oui, in France, it's very common. It's so regressive... Of course you know that  "Croque Monsieur", a French classic ,  litteraly means "Bite a gentleman". This sandwich à la française can be found in any café or brasserie in Paris... And is a regular at a French and perfect home. My mom loved to cook it on sunday ...

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Remembrance of recipes past… Pain d’épice

My dear, poor, non French people, Remember the good old time when you spent hours next to the mailbox (the real one, not you average hotmail-yahoo-gmail electronic version) waiting for a letter of your dear chéri? And then reading it again and again trying to figure out what he actually meant by "I like soccer and you too"? Where are all those letters now? I wonder how kids today will have a reminder of their first love letters... That's what I thought a few ...