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Be NICE to yourself! Make a NICOISE salad !

My poor non French people There it comes again. That dreadful moment. Spring is all around, flowers are budding, birds are chirping and you're...  scared. How are you going to make it? Why, why why,  did you have a second serving of hachis parmentier that one time at the Duponds? Can you really drop 50 pounds a day  by having just water (with sometimes a tablespoon of water in it and some sprinkled H2O on the top) for the next 45 days? Or should ...

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Better than pizza: Pissaladière!

My poor non-French people, Non non non, I swear! Summer is not over! At least not here, in California, where the wonderful weather is now getting kind of scary: after four years here, I must admit that I am now nostalgic with the fall and the winter season in Paris. It's strange to live under an almost constant fine weather. Time passes strangely, there are no markers... Apart from one sad one: the day the tomato disappear. I mean the real tomato. ...

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Voilà! The first French and perfect video: tomates farcies!

My poor, dear, non French people, I know you've been dreaming about this for hours... Now here it is ! And please don't forget the main ingrédients Tomates farcies 6 large tomatoes 1 pound of ground meat 1 onion, Parsley, thyme Salt and Pepper 1/2 cup rice Share the love ! Bon appétit les amis

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How green was my tomate…

My dear non French people,   Let me confess. Last week, at the supermarket, I fell in love. They were standing in front of me, big, confident, and generous… And, I must say, so sexy. Really, don’t you adore those amazing green tomatoes ?   What could I do with them ? As I went back to my car, of course I thought of Fried Green Tomatoes (specially the "parking lot Madness" scene, my favorite part of the movie) Mais quoi… I can't lower myself to cook an ...

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Forget mustard : you must try moutarde !

My poor non French people,   Sometimes I feel so sorry for you. Is that true that American kids believe that French dressing is a sugary  kind of sauce (Ketchup and Worcestershire in it, really ?) ? Or that you really think that this awful yellow bottle of French's is actually French mustard ? I tell you, the mustard climbs to my nose just thinking of it. (This is a French expression to explain incredible anger, something like what your green friend Hulk would express) Now, ...