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Oh Mon Porc!!! Why Rillettes are the Best

My dear, poor, non-French people, If there's anything you have to learn from me and about French food, it's this beautiful French saying: "Tout est bon dans le cochon". Yes, everything is good in the pig (and I'm talking about the animal, right, not these filthy disgusting persons who are often sadly compared to this beautiful and generous animal)... Most recipes coming from parts of this animal are simply delicious, and as the saying says, every part of the pork is good to ...

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Pat yourself with some pâté! (how I cracked my grandmother’s secret)

My dear, poor, non-French people, Some secrets are the hardest to break. Family secrets above all. There are plenty in my family, many cadavres dans le placard (and other skeletons in the closet  that every French and perfect family has to have), but I must tell you the hardest for me to crack was this one. La recette du paté de mamie Georgine. My grand-mother is a great  cook. I've already written about her, and about my other grand-mother Laurence, whose bûche de Noël, pain ...

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Got milk? Roast a pig!

My poor non-French people, Here's another thing I really want to share with you: French food is not expensive. It can be, of course, with the freshest, rarest ingredients and crazy subtilities that our best chefs can add... But it can also be simple, cheap and wonderful. Rôti de porc is one of these French and perfect and not expensive dishes. Pork is always pretty cheap, and as the French saying goes "tout est bon dans le cochon": everything is good in a ...