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Pack a Paques Lunch for Easter! PATE DE PAQUES

My poor non-French people, Let me confess a little thing, just between you and me, entre nous. I'm not French and perfect. Ok, I'm French, and most of the time, as most of us do, I just wish I was perfect. But I'm trying! And you know, as I've learned here in the US, "Fake it until you make it", so let's pretend I actually have absolutely no defect, a rocking body and a wonderful, easy nature. Ho, and also, that my photos ...

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Quiche Quiche Quiche ! The best Lorraine you can bake

My dear, poor, non-French people, Please stop thinking that we Français are rude and arrogant. OK, we're sometimes a little unpleasant considering your standards, but then what would you have to tell your friends when you come back home? It's for your own good! More authentique!  And actually, I think people love our attitude: last year, more people visited France than there are residents in the country! Talk about the most visited country in the world, oui messieurs! Oui oui!  We are welcoming!  Take my friend Deborah ...