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Try your inner French pout! Eat smoked trout!

My poor non-French people,

Thought I would tell you about a salad I’ve been making a lot at home…As you might know, I’m a TV reporter “in real life”, and spend a lot of time working on the field or in the editing room… Things have been pretty busy the last weeks, as I was at the same time directing a documentary for French TV while in charge of a french culture bi-monthly  tv show, AND fighting for my dear dear mimolette…

In times like this it’s always hard to find time to shop and cook and relax, though I always find cooking the best way to unwind after a big working day. The big thing is, I’ve always seen my mother and grand mothers working like crazy AND cooking fresh meals for the whole family.

As my maman always says, “c’est juste une question d’organisation”, everything is a matter of being organized…

Bon, it’s not always that easy, but with this great salad, I managed to find a fresh, light, and quick fix, that is a little different from the eternal “salade complete” my boyfriend cooks in that kind of evening (tells me he’s going to do it, but it takes him more time than my banker to answer my calls to get it done… I guess he wants to do it right, but sometimes, I’d just like to press the forward button for him to finally cut the tomatoes, -yes, you take it, yes, you wash it, and yeeeeeeeeeees, you slice it! ).

I like fish so much that I’ve decided to give up completely smoked salmon (except if it’s wild, and hand smoked, which means very expansive), but I still have a thing for smoked trout.
I found some very good one at Cookbook, in Echo Park (very strange store by the way, so small! Looks like a 70’s East-Berlin shop! A few products and that’s it…) during my lunch break, and decided to cook it with what was left at home.

  • Grapefruit we buy for breakfast and always forget to have in the morning.


  • Avocado my boyfriend is obsessed with since we moved in California (The French and perfect me is sorry to admit that they are far much better here than in my home country)


  • Romaine lettuce I’m obsessed with. (Back in France I used to buy sucrines ot. But never found any in LA for now..)

Smoked trout is a great way to boost your Omega 3 and vitamins levels. Even better with the avocado.
So this salad is not low in calories, but high in what your body and and your mind really need : colour, taste, and good ingredients. Forget about greens on greens with greens and no dressing : your body is not satisfied, and will have its revenge at some point.

La salade de truite fumée pour fille préssée

(Smoked trout salad for wonderwoman)


2 Smoked trout fillets
1 grapefruit
1 avocado
1 romaine lettuce
1 lemon
1 tbsp organic canola oil, or olive oil
some dill

  • Peel the grapefruit and the avocado (that’s about the only thing you will really have to do!)
  • Cut the Romain and the avocado in small sizes.
  • Mix all ingredients with lemon juice, oil, and some freshly dill

Et c’est tout!

That’s it!

That leaves you some time to relax and enjoy your meal, and then go back to your crazy life!
Or to learn the meaning of this great song created by the French and perfect comedian Francis Blanche.
He wrote this song to the tune of the “Trout” by Schubert. It’s the story of a woman who is obsessed with playing “The Trout”, and then… Well, just listen to the song and learn French to understand it! You have time now!




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  1. Llyane @ posted
    May 30, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I love this recipe!
    And I’ll definitely share it with the people I teach French – everybody should mix language with food ;)
    Merci beaucoup!

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