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Une petite surprise for my friends

My dear, poor, non French people,

I want to help you so much that I must admit I have spent the last days working on a little surprise for you guys.
I hope you’ll love it, and suggest that you follow me on this new page

As it’s a surprise, of course I cannot tell you exactly what it is…

Just know that it involves tomatoes and something around Jean Luc Godard.

Well, you’ll see !

A bientôt les amis !

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  1. euphitron from no man's land posted
    November 8, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Ola Miss France from the USA

    what are you faising in the united états??? you miss nous beaucoup.

    ravi de ce blog, it’s like vous authentique and les receipies it’s not de la merde

    continue like this je adore

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