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Voilà! New French Cookbook!

The French in me is trying very much not to be too excited… But there it is, I am so so so happy to share the big news with you!

It’s due in a few days! My new bébé! A brand new cookbook!

It’s beautiful, it’s full of great recipes and, Voilà!

cover voila

Oui, Voilà! is the title and I guess it says it all!

It’s all about French cooking, and how it can be delicious AND easy. I am trying to share my love for my roots, but also what I love about French cooks in général: The “vite fait bien fait” philosophy. Quickly done, nicely done.

The idea is really that you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to cook a great, delicious, healthy and satisfying French meal. As I always say, if French cuisine was so difficult to make, then how could 66 millions French people cook French every day?

I’ll be very happy to share more pictures and recipes soon exclusively here or on my Facebook page,

But if you are a true hard core fan, you can go immediately to Amazon and preorder it! The more preorders we get, the more chances we have to spread the good French food news!


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